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Call Beach Towing & Roadside Service for all of your car, truck or boat towing needs. Whether you have one or two vehicles, we respond fast and provide professional towing service. Local to Orange County, we can get there fast and handle just about any situation you may encounter. When we tow vehicles, we use straps to take extra precautions so that we do not damage your car, truck or boat. Our business hours vary so please call us and will help you when you need us. We only use flatbed tow trucks and they have several advantages over other tow trucks on the road:

1. If you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, there is no need to worry about damage to your drivetrain because all four wheels are lifted off the ground. Thus, there is no wear or tear on your transmission, engine, axles, or any other component of the drivetrain.

2. Often the damage to your vehicle is caused by the towing equipment because the angle between the winch and your car is never enough to scrape against the bumper or body of your vehicle.

3. The flatbed does not cause damage while towing your vehicle because it is lifted up off of the road. Speed bumps, potholes, loose gravel, and other road hazards cannot damage your car.

4. Even if your car is totaled and will no longer roll, it can be towed up onto a flatbed truck and transported wherever it needs to go.

Flatbed trucks are much safer for your vehicle than an over the hook-style tow trucks. They are not right for every situation, but whenever possible, your first choice for your towing needs should be a flatbed tow truck. To protect your drivetrain and the rest of your car from damage while towing, there is no better choice than a flatbed tow truck.
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