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                                      Beach Towing & Roadside Service takes pride in making sure that we provide the best customer service. We believe in quality, attention to detail and providing a great experience for clients.

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I pulled my boat out of the water at Sun Set Aquatic Park,Huntington Beach Calif. My Ford Explorer would start up ,but would not stay running, I live 65 miles from the ramp,l had no idea what I was going to do,l knew I could get the boat towed,but the car too, unbelievable,l have full coverage with my insurance Co,but they don't tow car and boat. Boat US saved the day,called VesselAssist, they called Beach Towing,Joe Bitar,he didn't even have to think about what to do,he went right to it, what a pro. Thank You Vessel Assist, and Chris for calling Joe for the Tow. I would have liked to have a Boat US or Vessel Assist Flag on the boat while being towed down the 91 Freeway. Something to think about.

Thank You very much, Frank Van Arsdale
Thank You JOE!


I started using Beach Towing a few years ago and can't say anything negative, costs have always fit my wallet, fast in responding and Joe is always helpful and pleasant to do business with.

Clarissa C.
Orange County, CA
Yelp Review


Beach Towing towed my 1953 Buick with car and not a scratch on my car. Joe came out to tow my car and used wood ramps and straps so that no damage would occur to my car. Very impressed with the service and the great rate! I will definitey call Beach Towing again.
Jim H.
Huntingtong Beach, CA



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